David's Recipe for Hard Boiled Eggs

No, I'm not joking. To make them turn out both tender and pretty is not difficult, but it does demand the ability to follow directions exactly.

Snack or Ingredient, American

  • 10 raw eggs
  • 2 quarts fully boiling water
  1. Run a pin or something similar about 1/4 inch into the blunt end of the first egg. A thumbtack is probably the best tool.
  2. Holding your hand just high enough above the water to avoid all possibility of getting burned, gently drop the egg into the water.
  3. Repeat stages 1 and 2 for all of the eggs.
  4. When exactly 10 minutes - Yes, you have to clock them! - have passed, pour out most of the water and fill the pot with cold water from the faucet. The object is to cool the eggs quickly. Let the eggs sit in the cool water for a few minutes, pour out most of the water, and repeat the whole process a few times. The water will now remain cool, but the eggs will still feel warm when you remove them from the water.
  5. For most uses, you will find it most convenient to remove the shells now, after lightly tapping the egg on a counter, flat plate, or whatever. If you want to hold the for use a few hours later, return them to the cool water and hold them in the refrigerator.

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